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Point route

To order a taxi you just need to open the application and specify the address where you want to go - it's easy!

Choose a taxi

Next the program will show all the taxi drivers are ready to take your order, you only need to select a cab from the options -it's quick!

Enjoy the ride

And finally, enjoy the ride saving time and money on conversation with the dispatcher -it's cool!

  • ""Normally on a Friday or Saturday night, it is necessary to call in several services to find a free taxi is very difficult. MTaxi send my order all the services at once, very comfortable"- Tom

  • "I like that for the taxi I do not even need to know my address. Ordered a taxi while walking in the park - came right up to me"- Jenny

  • "I'm not friends with the technique, he was afraid that this program will not understand. MTaxi After trying a couple of times, I can say that the phone and call a taxi - more difficult."- John

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