Feel free to ask any question about taxi dispatch software. We are open to new ideas.

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mTaxi Solutions OU.

Registered address: Hommiku 3, Tartu 50412, Estonia.

Official Representatives

Portugal, Angola, Mozambique

Alberto R.


Konstantin M. +4917612020999

Commion questions

We are looking for a white-label taxi dispatch solution

We have Android app for drivers, and Android /iOS booking app for clients. It is possible to create apps with your logo and name. We charge $100 USD per app creation. It is one time fee and updates are included.
Read more about white label taxi apps

I can’t create new order in dispatch website. Button doesn’t work

There is one trick during job creation. In form (value “A”) please type streen, building number, city ant press enter. System will show address on map and correct your address. Without pressing enter you can’t submit new order.
Please read here how to test mTaxi

How long for the application to be ready?

Usually it takes 1-2 days to prepare personal account, about 2 days to build android taxi app and up to 1 month to build iOS app. If you have own Appstore developer account, app generation takes less time

I am testing client app and don’t receive SMS with activation code

Can you please report us your phone number. We have different SMS routes and can fix this problem.