Online taxi booking software for your company

Bring your taxi dispatch company website on new level with mTaxi online taxi booking software

  • Quick and easy setup on your website
  • Best price on market
  • Automatic pickup address detection
  • Immediate Fare Quotation
  • Track driver on map
  • Company Admin Panel

mTaxi booking software Integration

It is very easy to add widget on your website. We use iframe for integration. You should add couple of rows of code and you will get taxi booking system on your website.


When you first time open website where mTaxi widget is set up, browser will ask you to “Allow to get location”. If it is allowed, system will detect client’s location automatically. It works even on PC and works better if computer in on wifi.

After auto-detect or after typing your address we will show marker on map. To correct results you can drag marker on map. Drivers will see exactly same location on their phones.

Please fill both addresses. After that it should show you price of ride. Taxi company administrator can setup tariffs in admin panel.

To reduce fake orders we ask for client’s phone number and send activation code (pincode). If tick is not removed, booking system will save phone number and pincode, and it will be much easier to submit order next time.

When order is submitted, it will go directly to closer drivers. Quickest driver will get this job.

After accepting order by driver taxi booking widget will show driver details and location of driver on map. Location will be changed on map in real time.

Booking system Demo

How to get mTaxi booking system

It is easy to get mTaxi account and get your own website widget. Please click below and fill small form. Usually it takes 1-2 days to prepare personal account for you.

> Click here to request for account <

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