Taxi dispatch software


Taxi company

  • 4 EUR per driver per month
  • 50 EUR connnection fee
  • 1 month free
  • 50 EUR min monthly fee

  • 1 account
  • drivers
  • dispatchers

  • + cloud server
  • + app for drivers
  • + app for clients (Read more…)
  • + taxi booking system (Read more…)
  • + integrated call-center
  • + order exchange system

  • + drivers on map. real time
  • + fare pre-calculation
  • + different tariffs and taxi classes
  • + Google, OpenStreetMaps, ArcGIS maps
  • + driver app navigation
  • + send orders to closest drivers
  • + archive and statistics

  • + personal account manager
  • + development of custom features
  • + API for main functions

Taxi dispatch software


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Introducing mTaxi – Your Own Taxi Management Software

Business is competitive at the best of times. When we live in times of economic uncertainty, business becomes even more competitive. This is true whether you run a store or a website or a wholesale company. You need to be as efficient as possible, and save money where you can, whilst maximizing your profits.

This is certainly true when you run a taxi management company. There will always be competition, and margins can be slim – especially when fuel costs increase and customers have more opportunities to use competitors. So when you run a taxi business, you need to make sure that your company is operating at maximum efficiency at all times.

A lot of taxi companies don’t do this. They rely on outdated technology and thus they make a lot less than they should. What they need, and what your company needs, is an all-in-one taxi management software that takes the logistics out of running a taxi company, so that you only have to concentrate on one thing; making your business the best it can be.

This taxi cab dispatch and taxi management software exists. It’s called mTaxi, and it allows you to take orders and pre-orders, manage your drivers and send them data in real time, whilst keeping a record of all of these transactions and actions for your recording purposes.

So, What is mTaxi Exactly?

mTaxi is a one-size-fits-all taxi management software. By one size, we mean that it will work for your company – regardless of whether you are a massive taxi firm or a small taxi startup. You can use our taxi dispatch software to manage your drivers, manage your customers and basically keep track of everything that goes on in your business.

How Does mTaxi Work?

MTaxi is a taxi dispatching software. It has a variety of different modules, but we’ll get to that in a short while. However, before we do, a lot of clients of ours ask about how mTaxi works – do they need their own servers?

Do they need to invest in complicated equipment? The answer is a resounding, “no.” When it comes to taxi dispatch software cloud computing is the way forward. MTaxi therefore uses cloud computing, and is a cloud service itself. What this means is that you don’t need to pay for expensive servers or complicated hardware and set it up yourself. MTaxi locates all the complicated stuff on cloud servers, so you can concentrate on your business, taxi dispatch and management, and mTaxi does all the behind-the-scenes work for you.

This also means that you don’t have to hire a systems administrator or a tech guy either.

So, How Does mTaxi Help Me?

MTaxi offers numerous modules. You don’t have to pay extra for them – they are all included in the price that you pay when you sign up.

Web dispatch

The Interface for your drivers and base employees is accessible online. This means that your drivers can access their interface from on the go – it works in any browser, and that includes mobile browsing; so tablets and smart phones.

Your base employees can see the locations of all your drivers and delivery and pick-up points. The whole thing is easily navigable and perfect for your company’s needs.

Driver app

For your drivers, we also have a specific Android based app.

This allows your drivers to instantly get the information they need – where their zone boundaries are, where their pick up points are, where their pre-orders are and most importantly, where they deliver the customers to.

This app will run on anything from a tiny cheap smartphone to a 10” tablet from the latest high end branded manufacturer. In addition, you can use our branded software or you can have the app edited to show your company name and logo. See our white label service below for more detail on how that works.

Online booking form on your website

Everyone can access the internet from anywhere. That’s why a growing amount of people use their phones to access the internet – even when they are ordering a taxi. Our online booking form means that your company website can have an integrated ordering system. This means that people can book a taxi from your website, as opposed to just over the phone.

Integrated call center

MTaxi also comes with an integrated call center of its own. Whenever a person books and enters their phone number, they can add themselves to the call center. This means that customer details can be saved and used again, meaning its convenient for everyone. For instance, if there is an existing customer who has already ordered, the software will show his name and his last 10 addresses, so that regular custom can be carried out without the bother of typing in names and locations every time.

App for hotels and restaurants

This is not currently a feature, but it will be soon. As a cab dispatch software, wouldn’t it be great if your company could have a separate function or app which allowed you to partner with people who send customers to your business. For instance, you might work with a hotel near the local airport. Wouldn’t it be useful for you to work with those companies and give them an app so that they could book taxis directly for your customers? That is one of the latest features we’ve developed.

White-Label Taxi Management Software

We understand that if you run your own taxi business, you want it to represent your company’s brand, and not ours. Whereas many companies that supply software only provide their own labeled service – meaning that you’re paying to advertise their brand when you use it – we provide a white label taxi client app. This means that your taxi business can have a client app which will allow people to use your taxi dispatch software – and it will be your company that they see.

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